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deliah wilkinson

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Counselling and Hypnotherapy

Deliah set up Life Therapy Oxford to support people who have problems and issues causing upset, disruption, sadness, stress or unbalance in their lives.

Life Therapy Oxford aims to work with people to support them in restoring balance and wholeness.

Deliah works with individuals to provide a non-judgemental, safe, confidential and professional service for those seeking therapy by way of Counselling, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy.

Deliah supports individuals by taking an integrative approach to Counselling, meaning that she draws on various therapeutic methods such as the Person centred with Transactional analysis or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques, according to what best suits the individual.

Alternatively, clients may want Hypnotherapy to change habits, lifestyles, achieve weight loss or reduce panic and anxiety.

Deliah's experience working with individuals from various backgrounds has been successful for clients with stress, family problems, cultural issues and domestic violence, phobias, anxiety, work stress, weight issues, relationship problems and more.

Deliah has a BSc honours degree in Psychology combined with Life Science from the University of Westminster. She then continued to qualify in various related fields of interest and to become an accredited Psychotherapeutic Counsellor and Hypnotherapist. These qualifications have enhanced her 'natural ability' to support individuals whilst giving her the skills to work professionally with them to help achieve positive change and resolution in their lives.

She is an Accredited Member of National Counselling Society and Hypnotherapy Society.


Counselling and Psychotherapy are the terms used when individuals seek talking therapies to help them establish life changes and an improved and balanced state of happiness and wellbeing in life.

Talking therapy is an opportunity for an individual to speak about thoughts, feelings and issues regarding oneself and other people such as family and friends. All this can be brought to therapy in a safe and confidential environment.

Clients have the opportunity to take time, over a number of sessions to talk about their issues, problems and life events to work towards resolution. Resolution is not usually achieved in the first session. Therapy can be short term or long term and the number of sessions will be discussed in the first consultation. As well as listening and discussing important issues with you, your therapist may suggest strategies for resolving problems.

Individuals seek counselling therapy for many different reasons which vary from anxiety, depression, panic and stress in work or personal life as well as weight issues, relationship and family issues such as divorce and abuse.

Hypnosis is not sleep and it certainly is not about someone controlling you, which means you cannot be made to do something you don't want to.

Hypnosis creates a deeply relaxed yet focused state of awareness in which mental stress and bodily tension are reduced, allowing us to work at a deeper and more profound level.

Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis as a tool to assist individuals to establish new ways of thinking and behaving . It may be used to help reduce irrational fears and negative thinking patterns, removing the obstacles that prevent you from taking control of your life and bringing about positive change.

Hypnotherapy can address a wide range of problems including stress, anxiety, phobias, habits, pain management and insomnia. It can also used to achieve weight loss, control anger, raise confidence and self-esteem as well as working with various relationship and emotional issues.

Deliah is always available to contact you to discuss any aspect of her treatment in more detail.

You can find out more via her website:


Deliah works on Tuesday from 5:00 - 8:00pm

Deliah Wilkinson offers Counselling and Psychotherapy - Hypnotherapy - and is a self-employed practitioner based at Eau de Vie Oxford

Please make sure that you are able to pay with either cash or cheque, your payment goes directly to the therapist that treats you, Eau de Vie cannot take a card payment for your treatment

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