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Therapeutic Bodywork

You can contact Helen directly on:

Tel: 07950 608249

Email: oxfordbodyworks@gmail.com

Visit Helen's website at www.oxfordbodyworks.com

Helen will be working at The Friends Meeting House on St Giles on Thursdays and Fridays and from her Garden Studio at other times during the week. Please contact Helen to book an appointment.

Helen Osborn offers tailored massage sessions using a variety of techniques and pressures to aid deep relaxation and enable restorative wellbeing. Having trained with the Oxford School of Massage in Holistic and Therapeutic massage, Helen taught classes and gave treatments for over ten years. For three years during this time she represented Oxford School of Massage as a committee member of The British Massage Therapy Council.

Helen enjoys working with people of all ages having taught adult classes and given baby massage, adult treatments, as well as working with older people. As a base for all massage treatments she uses a gentle and nurturing approach as well as being able to give deep tissue massage when suitable for the client. Helen's aim and priority is to help restore a more balanced posture and improved muscle health.

We asked Helen some questions to get to know more about her practice...

Helen, How did you discover massage?

I was drawn to massage as a response to feeling disconnected and isolated from the people surrounding me. Culturally the UK is one of the least tactile places. For me, massage was a safe route to build real, meaningful and trusting relationships. I noticed that with regular massage, my self-confidence, my posture, general health as well as my emotional health improved. I was able to take this improved balanced health forward into my day to day interactions. After developing my own practice, I was invited to train to teach massage and enjoyed providing the opportunity for others to benefit from this therapeutic touch.

Can you talk us through a session and explain what a client’s experience would be?

My aim for welcoming new clients, into what can be an unfamiliar experience, is to create a warm, nurturing environment, encouraging trust and inspiring confidence. A non-intrusive enquiry into what the aim of the session is and what information the client feels is important to share begins to shape the quality of the massage. The client, in most cases, will receive a whole body massage using oil. The aim is to induce a deep relaxation response which is nurturing and non-judgemental. Where there are areas of tension I will use Swedish Remedial techniques to restore a healthier muscle tone. After the massage the client will have understood more about their body’s needs and I will be able to recommend ways in which this understanding can be taken forward towards improved health.

In your experience what kind of health concerns can your treatments support?

People who come for massage are often taking time out from a busy lifestyle to reduce the stress, anxiety and adrenaline fuelled day to day experience. Massage can certainly be used in this way as a treat or a well-deserved reward. Clients will feel restored, calmed and may feel dreamy or tired afterwards. As part of a regular health regime, massage can have more of a significant effect in maintaining balanced muscle tone, a lasting feeling of wellbeing and improved general health. The developing relationship with the practitioner will add to the client’s circle of support and nurture self-confidence and self-esteem. Another route to massage might be to re-establish confidence in developing relationships of trust after emotional or physical trauma. This safe and nurturing environment where the client ultimately is the one in control of the experience can be a step in the recovery process.

Helen Osborn offers Relaxing Swedish Massage - Massage - Therapeutic Bodywork - and is a self-employed practitioner based at Eau de Vie Oxford

Please make sure that you are able to pay with either cash or cheque, your payment goes directly to the therapist that treats you, Eau de Vie cannot take a card payment for your treatment

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