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Aromatherapy massage - Indian Head Massage- Massage -  No Hands®massage - Aromatherapeutic Facial - Pregnancy Massage and Reflexology

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I have been giving treatments since 2003 from Eau de Vie and I have worked as an on-site massage therapist at events and festivals. I trained in Massage and Aromatherapy in the U.K. then went on to study Reiki , Thai Massage, No Hands® Massage,Aromatherapeutic Facials, Indian Head massage, Pregnancy massage and Reflexology. And I continued my professional development in No Hands® Massage with Gerry Pyves.

The treatments I give can be used to bring you to a place you can reconnect with yourself, to give yourself time to slow down and time to let go of stress and anxieties, to help structural release in the body and the release of muscular tension, to help you to a place of feeling nurtured, feeling joy, feeling re-balanced, feeling calm, feeling sleepy, feeling rejuvenated or feeling focused.

Treatments are based on the needs of each client and given in a safe and supportive environment. Therapies can be combined within a one hour, one and half hour or two hour treatment session.

Treatments are given with sensitivity and by listening to the client’s body, working with the tension of the body and allowing for its release in stages. The treatments are powerful, yet gentle. And can help structural release in the body and bring you to a calmer, more joyful or invigorated way of being.


Aromatherapy Massage / Warm Oil Winter Aromatherapy Massage
Essential oils are blended with a warm base oil and applied to the body through massage. This massage is medium pressure with lots of flowing movements. Combined with deeper work to release tighter muscles. Essential oils are known for their therapeutic properties and this treatment combines the effects of the essential oils with the massage to release muscular tension and bring you to a better a place of being.

No Hands® massage
The No Hands® massage is a new massage developed by Gerry Pyves who has over 20 years of clinical bodywork. Contact is made with the hands, but any contact that applies pressure is mainly made with the soft underside of the forearm. Each movement of this massage is made using the body weight of the Practitioner.

The treatment is given with sensitivity and by listening to the client’s body, working with the tension of the body and allowing for its release in stages. This treatment is powerful, yet gentle. It can help structural release in the body and bring you to a calmer, more joyful or invigorated way of being.

Indian Head Massage
During this treatment the client stays clothed and the upper back, shoulders, arms, hands, neck, forehead, face and scalp are worked on.

This treatment can help release tension in the shoulders, neck and head, helping to relieve tension headaches and migraines. It can also help to free the muscles of the shoulders, neck and head and allowing clarity, relaxation and focus.

Aromatherapeutic Facials
The Aromatherapeutic facial treatment can help release the muscles of the neck, shoulders, scalp and face as well as cleanse and rejuvenate the skin.

An oil based cleanser, floral toner and a mineral clay mask is applied to the face to cleanse and revitalise the skin, a plant oil moisturiser is used. This treatment may leave you feeling like you had a whole body treatment.

Pregnancy Massage
This is a massage that can be given after the first 3 months of pregnancy. The client is supported by pillows during the treatment and the massage can help release the tension in the back, neck, arms,legs,feet,head and face.

This is a treatment that involves massage to the feet, ankles & calves. It is based on a traditional technique that uses pressure points on the feet that relate to other areas of the body. This can help release tension in the feet and in the body


"This was a wonderful massage. It left me feeling calm, relaxed, positive and strong. The points of tension I was experiencing prior to the massage were feeling better afterwards. There would be many reasons to return to Oxford, true, but this treatment would be one of the better ones!" David, Norway.

"The treatment Vicki gave me was fantastic, I felt quite tense and stressed before I arrived but the massage was incredibly relaxing and very quickly made feel calm. The style of massage with the use of the arms / forearms was great and allowed Vicki to get really deep and help release knots I had particularly in my shoulders. I will definitely be back, thank you!" Laura, Oxford.

"I was suffering from a very stiff shoulder and lots of tension, stress build-up and was in need of some serious ‘un-crunching’. Vicki’s treatment was wonderful, concentrating on key areas and making me totally relaxed so knots and lumps could be tackled. I immediately noticed a difference in my shoulder and muscles and left feeling 2 inches taller and completely unknotted. Vicki is one of the best therapists I have seen in a long time and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her." Karen, Oxfordshire

"I don't think I've ever felt this relaxed in my life!" Michael, Oxford

Qualifications & training:
Psychology (BSc) Hons 1997.
IIHHT Diploma in Aromatherapy 1998.
Reiki Initiation - Nishihara Sensei - Japan 1999.
Thai Massage - Chaing Mai - Thailand 2000.
Indian Head Massage 2003 – Oxford.
Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology 2003 – Oxford.
Diploma in Reflexology 2003 – Oxford.
Reiki Master - (part 1) 2004 - Oxford - with Anna Gordon.
No Hands® Massage Foundation Course 2005 in the U.K. - Gerry Pyves.
No Hands® Massage Practitioner Course 2005 in the U.K. Gerry Pyves.
No Hands® Massage Advanced Practitioner 2005 in the U.K Gerry Pyves.
Aromatherapeutic Facials 2007 - in the U.K. with Anne Perry.
Transforming Touch Seminar 2007 - in the U.K. with Gerry Pyves.
Myofascial Release workshop, with James Earl, November, 2010.
Pregnancy Massage, Suzanne Yates, Novembeer, 2014.

If you would like to contact Vicki directly, you can email her on emailvickipage@gmail.com

Vicki works on Saturday afternoons and often can come in on a weekday - please ask the reception.

Vicki Page offers Aromatherapy - Indian Head Massage - Massage - No Hands Massage - Aromatherapeutic Facial - and is a self-employed practitioner based at Eau de Vie Oxford

Please make sure that you are able to pay with either cash or cheque, your payment goes directly to the therapist that treats you, Eau de Vie cannot take a card payment for your treatment

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