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Tea Ceremony

James wants to drink tea with you. He is an experienced Chinese Medicine practitioner and specialist in using living teas for health and wellbeing.

James is the founder of Chayou Tea House - an Asian tea culture and education initiative - listed in 2015 as the Guardian’s top place in the UK to experience the ‘new tea revolution’. He is also co-founder of Elixir Tea - the UK’s leading supplier of living teas to Chinese Medicine practitioners and clinics.

James's tea ceremonies, tea tastings and workshops are informal, relaxed and experiential - prepare to drink a lot of tea! Alongside the taste, aroma and mouthfeel of each tea, we also focus on being awake in the moment to experience the unique energetic qualities of these ceremony grade teas and the people with whom we are sharing the tea.

Appreciating and enjoying tea in this unique way allows us to gather as strangers and leave as chayou or 'tea friends'.

James Thirlwall offers Tea Ceremonies - and is a self-employed practitioner based at Eau de Vie Oxford

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