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BA, CRMT, AOS, Therapeutic Bodyworker

Therapeutic Bodywork

Amy draws on her extensive training in many bodywork therapies in an integrative and intuitive style to restore your natural health and reactivate your own healing abilities. Her holistic approach explores the symbiotic relationship between all parts of the body with the aim of unlocking the tension that we all naturally store in ourselves when we are under emotional and physical stress.

Since the start of her career as an integrative massage therapist in 2009, Amy has gained clinical experience working with a wide variety of clients including pre and post natal woman, cancer sufferers and pre/post surgery patients at Boulder Community Hospital, Colorado, USA. She has also specialised in bodywork for dancers, athletes and musicians. As a Dance Therapist she worked with adults with learning difficulties, the hearing impaired, children with quadriplegia, Aspergers syndrome and autism.

Now a freelance therapist with a regular practice at Eau De Vie, Amy continues to develop her knowledge base undertaking recent study of Visceral Manipulation, Myofascial Release, Structural Integration, Tissue Restriction, and further manual therapy related to The Female Pelvis. Her own recent experience with labour and childbirth has also undoubtedly given her a deep insight into the rich tapestry of sensations that accompany the bodies changing state during pregnancy and she's ever more eager to help others find a sense of physical and emotional ease through this life changing experience.

Through her rich and broad experience, Amy has developed a deep understanding of the body’s capabilities and limits, and how to help you deepen your experience of what your body is telling you in movement and in stillness, and how to foster your own self-healing energies. She specialises in neuromuscular, neurovascular, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, muscle energy technique, deep tissue, pain and injury relief, breath work, developing your awareness of body patterning, and supports your all important sense of self.


An integrated 1100 hours of bodywork academic learning and service experience at Boulder School of Massage Therapy, Boulder, Colorado, USA, including Integrative Therapeutic; Normalization of Soft Tissue; Postpartum; Prenatal; Kinaesthetic Anatomy; Sports; Hydrotherapy; Orthopaedic, Polarity; Swedish Therapeutic; Reflexology; Table Shiatsu techniques.

Associate of Occupational Studies in Bodywork at Boulder School of Massage Therapy, including trauma in the body; introduction to Cranial Sacral Therapy; advanced Intuitive Integrative, orthopaedic and sports, cervical and lumbar spine; inflammation; vascular; prenatal, labour and postpartum; Zen Hara assessment.

BA (Hons) in Contemporary Dance Choreography, Northumbria University .

Amy Ash offers Massage - Pregnancy Massage - Therapeutic Bodywork - and is a self-employed practitioner based at Eau de Vie Oxford

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